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Living in London
Postings List

Here's a roadmap to my weblog...

To help you better navigate my weblog, on this page I'll include a list of all my postings.

September 2000

Sept. 30 - Teaching in London.
Sept. 29 - Arrival and the Cotswolds.

October 2000

Oct. 30 - 10 days in Scotland.
Oct. 14 - A trip to Winchester.

November 2000

Nov. 25 - Fast life slowing down.
Nov. 11 - New Job.

December 2000

Dec. 31 - Christmas and a wedding.
Dec. 9 - A trip to Bruges.

Hospital Visit

My Feelings about British Health Care.

Best of Log

My Favourite Story...

... I decided to extend my walk by making a detour to see up close a castle ruin. This ruin was still on a footpath, just not on the walk I'd planned to follow. So I'm in this farmer's field walking around the castle (which is fenced off) when I notice the herd of cows in the distance. Not hairy coooooos (highland cattle), just yer regular cows. They look up and see me. I continue to investigate and notice that they are ALL coming towards me. Hmmm, interesting. I decide to go back the way I came to get a photo and return to my walk. I do so and start walking along the path to the stile out of the field. I take a look back and notice the cows have diverted their course to the castle to follow me. Hmmm. I keep walking. I look back again. The bigger cows are now trotting. Hmmmm. I pick up the pace. So do they. They start coming quicker and quicker. I decide to be on the safe side and run the rest of the way to the stile and hop over. They stop and start moooing at me. "Piss off" is what I imagined them saying. As I walk away I turn around again and they are ALL at the stile I'd just gone over and begin mooing at me again. :-) True!

October 2000