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As this page reveals, I've linked Tunisia, Where's That? to other sites out there in cyberspace. The inherent nature of the Internet allows easy access from one site to another. I do not endorse any of the links on this page, nor am I responsible in any way for the content of the sites. I definitely cannot guarantee, or vouch for the content of any site but my own. Surf at your own risk! :-)
  • General Sites
  • Travellers' Information Sites
  • Education and Study Abroad Sites
  • Historical and Archaeological Sites
  • Fact Sheet Sites
  • Search Engine Sites
  • Specific Sites
  • Miscellaneous Sites

  • General Sites

    These sites cover pretty much everything, from the Architecture to the Zirides dynasties of Tunisia.
  • AfricaNet - Tunisia
  • ArabNet -- Tunisia, Contents
  • Miftah Shamali- Tunisia - An EXCELLENT site
  • Tunisia General
  • Tunisia On line
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    Travellers' Information Sites

    These sites were created with the traveller in mind. Their content varies in scope.
  • TDS;Passports, Visas, Travel Docments - Tunisia
  • Hotel savings in Tunisia
  • Excite Travel: Tunisia
  • Tunisia - Homepage
  • Accomodations in Tunisia
  • Foreign And Commondwealth Office's Do's and Don'ts
  • Hostels in Tunisia
  • Panorama Holiday Group
  • Keith's Travel Links - A page of general travel links.
  • Lonely Planet - Travellers' reports on Tunisia - Travel tips.
  • Welcome to the travel and tourism guide to Tunisia
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    Education and Study Abroad Sites

  • Tunisia Schools
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    Historical and Archaeological Sites

    These sites primarily have historical or archaeological content.
  • FOCUS on Tunisia - History
  • ROMARCH--Africa
  • The Research Communications Division - OVPR - UGA
  • Windows On Italy - History: the Early Italic Tribes
  • Archaeological Fieldwork Opportunities
  • The Leptiminus Archaeological Project
  • Battles of the Ancient World (The Second Punic War)
  • Argos Search Results
  • ArchNet: Regions / Africa and Near East
  • The Archaeological Field School at Carthage, Tunisia - No this isn't the one I went on...
  • Site de DOUGGA A map of Dougga.
  • Mosaics in Tunisia - The poet and the nine Muses.
  • Historical Henna
  • Henna in History
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    Fact Sheet Sites

    These sites are for those who want "just the facts"... in my opinion it's pretty dry stuff.
  • Tunisia: Country Profile
  • Tunisia - Consular Information Sheet
  • MBendi - Tunisia country profile
  • Tunisia - A general fact page (has two maps)
  • Tunisia Food Market Report - Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS
  • Tunisia - A limited fact page, but it has a picture of Ben Ali!
  • Tunisia - CIA Factbook on Tunisia.
  • Tourism in Sousse Shows new Trends - Do you like statistics? Here's a boring little page for you.
  • Holidays - Tunisia - This page is a list of all the Holidays in Tunisia, both public ones and the movable Islamic ones
  • Tunisia - Constitution
  • Government
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    Search Engine Sites

    These sites take a search engine form.
  • WoYaa! - Tunisia
  • Britannica Search: Tunisia
  • al-Murshid: Arabic / Middle Eastern Countries and Regions/Countries/Tunisia
  • Argos Search Results
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    Specific Sites

    These sites have very specific and often unique content.
  • Ethnologue: Tunisia
  • Tunisia & the World
  • Trento Bike Pages - Tunisia
  • UNESCO World Heritage List
  • La Goulette, Tunisia...A Quaint Place.
  • The National Soccer Teams - Tunisia.
  • Weather Underground:Tunisia Weather Conditions
  • A Taste of Tunisia
  • Film & Theatre
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    Miscellaneous and New (uncategorized) Sites

    I couldn't decided where to put these links, so they ended up here!
  • Tunisia - A Widening Circle of Repression - Amnesty International.
  • Hannibal Trail
  • Tunisia-Geography
  • Tunisia
  • Tunisia
  • Sammy Elfahem Homepage
  • Tunisian Guidebook - Sidi Bou Said
  • Motorcycle adventure in Tunisia
  • UGA Excavations at Carthage
  • Ancient Baths Resource Site
  • Welcome to the travel and tourism guide to Tunisia
  • Pasha's Links: TUNISIA
  • La TÚlÚvision Tunisienne / Tunisia National Television
  • Middle Eastern Recipes
  • Radio-Tunis, Live.
  • The Sporting News World Cup - Tunisia
  • A Glance: The Rough Guide to Tunisia (4th Ed)
  • A Glance: The Great Book of Couscous : Classic Cuisines of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia
  • Sicilia - The Punic Ship
  • The Magic of Henna
  • Henna Designs
  • Henna Arts International
  • Encyclopedia of the Orient:henna
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    I welcome suggestions for sites that you think could be added. If you notice that a link no longer works please email me. Last updated September 4, 1998
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