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"If anyone plans on going to Bizerte, I recommend that they stay in one of the more expensive hotels along the beach, because the one we found in town was disgusting! It was worth going to if someone wants to find a really nice, quite beach to lie on all day. We found this German or Austrian owned hotel, with a gorgeous private beach." - Alicia
Bizerte (ArabNet)

Bulla Regia

Bulla Regia and Dougga

"I am not sure how you would get there -- we rented a bus and drove to Bulla Regia and then Dougga. These are two Roman cities in the centre of Tunisia. They are well worth the trip if you can get out there. Bulla Regia has underground houses!!" - Me (Colette)

Dougga - Roman Ruins

Cape Bon

"Cape Bon is another place that is a little more hassel to get to, but well worth it. Once you get to Hammamat (or Nabel?) the train ends. The best way to see the Cape, I'm told is by car. The next best way is by louage. Give yourself lots of time to see Cape Bon if you want to do the whole of it, since louages may not be too frequent. We went to Nabel and Kalibia and loved them both. You may be the onlywestern peson in the town o Kalibia. There is the castle in Kalibia that is worth the trip. Nabel is a lot like Tabarka. There are western hotels, but they are on the outskirts of town." - Me (Colette)
Al-Haouaria - The Roman Caves

Street in Hammamet