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Family Trips

John Adair's Opinion: "Our family-of-three 87trip to Tunisia was a purely vacation/sightseeing tour package arranged through a reputable tour agency. After reading the State Dept bulletins on the variety of viral infections travelers View from a roof top in Hammamat can possibly contract there and debating what shots to get, we went with the advice of seasonedof our visit. The COLD Med did not deter our daughter's yearn to fight the waves and roll on the white sandy beach. The hotel food German travelers who relayed that they did not get any shots and did not get sick eating hotel meals and drinking bottled water. That's exactly what we did and we had no problems.

We stayed in a large, family-oriented hotel on the beach in Hammamet and had a wonderful time. Our 6-year-old had plenty to do as the hotel had children's activities at various times of the day and a large indoor swimming pool which was nice during the cool early-spring days included lots of variety with something for everyone to like and we went through a couple of cases of locally-purchased bottled water.

Since the primary purpose of our trip was R&R we spent most of our time just lounging around the hotel and taking camel rides and other interesting transport into Hammamet. We booked a couple of local tours from our hotel and were pleased with their efficiency and content. The atmosphere to us was so similar to Turkey that we had to continually remind ourselves that we were not in Turkey! The Tunisians were quite friendly, prepared for the demands of foreign travelers, and eager to please."
Hammamet - Elegant but crowded

Bogden's opinion: "It was really a good trip for me and my family. We entered Tunisia in Monastir and visited Sousse, Mahdia, El Jem, Leptia- Leptimus and Monastir. We met a lot of happy, interesting persons. For other trawellers i can say that Tunisia is a good destination for holidays with small children. Our son was happy... Daily budget for 2 person with small child (without hotel):5-20 DT (1DT= 1,13$)." -Bogden (from Poland)